Household Items – Best Recommended Dust Cleaning Techniques


Certainly, using a feather duster can be a fancy tool for dust cleaning. But when it comes to cleaning thick and tough dust, don’t sweep the dust away. It will only spread particles everywhere and it doesn’t help cleaning up the house anymore.

Optionally, capture dirt and dust using soft cloth moistened with water, electrostatic dusters or micro-fiber dusters. When cleaning the ceiling and flooring, do it from top going down. The best cleaning tool to use is a special vacuum with different attachments. And for spots that are difficult to reach, you must use a tool that can reach the best target.



Television, computer, printers are known to be dust magnets. It’s important to unplug the equipment prior to cleaning these electronic items. A careful swipe with micro-fiber cloth is good enough to do the job, while a long handle with soft brush can gather accumulated dust from the crevices. Make sure to vacuum clean the dust that surrounds the vents and cords, as well as the pet furs that can potentially clog outlets and equipment.


To remove trapped dust in small carvings and nooks, get a make-up brush or natural-bristle paint and wipe thoroughly using a micro-fiber cloth.

Soft toys

Place your teddy bears, fabric dolls, or beanbag critters, inside a big plastic bag mixed with one cup of baking soda. Seal the top and shake it well. Baking soda is going to remove the tough dirt and thick dust. Take out the products one by one and remove the mass from baking soda. Finish the cleaning process by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

Back of refrigerator or stove

Over time, grease, crumbs and thick dust accumulate in stove and refrigerator, giving food supply to pests and insects. Move out the appliances and unplug them from the wall. Use a moist mop sponge with a long handle to remove dust behind your appliance. Afterwards, wipe the wall and the floor with soapy, hot water.


Take off tough dust from the top ceiling, flooring and appliance vents using an electrostatic mop or mild brush vacuum attachment. Moisten a piece of micro-fiber cloth then wipe off the surface. Rinse well the removable air conditioning filter using hot water with soap and then finally air dry prior to installing.

Ceiling fan

First, turn off the power and use a stool to step on. Place a newspaper just below the ceiling fan. Use wet paper towels in wiping off fatty dust and dirt from the casing. Use also a mild- bristle brush with gentle cleanser to release blade dust. Rinse properly with wet paper towel.

Always remember that the remedy to the frequent household issues is to target the cause of the problem. However, it’s impossible to put end to the sources of dust accumulations. Although it may appear that struggles sometimes don’t end, you can effectively save more time and effort using the above dust-busting techniques.

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Expensive carpet cleaning most households misconceive

Good carpeting is one of the big household investments. Taking care of carpets requires not just the common vacuuming but also the right cleaning chemicals and procedures. And to know more about proper carpet care, we have enumerated some of the common misunderstandings associated with this area.

luxury carpet cleaning


  1. You must wait long before carpet needs cleaning. This is not the way it should be. Dirt is rough and it accumulates quickly. Each time you’re on the carpet, you leave soil on the fine fibers. Eventually, it makes the carpet wear out just immediately. A dirty carpet doesn’t last long and while vacuuming is helpful, it isn’t enough to clean it. If you wait longer before washing it, the greater the damage you allow to your expensive floor covering.
  2. The only reason why carpet should be cleaned is to remove dirt. Again, it’s not true. As households must know it, external air carries fungus, pollens, pollution, germs and tons of other harmful elements. When members of the family get inside the house, they carry with them these elements through their clothes, bag, skin, hair and shoes. Without any surprise, all filthy substances will reach your carpet without even noticing them.

If you’re very sensitive to mold, cigarette smoke, pet odor and bacteria, it’s helpful considering a reputable company to remove all these elements from your carpet.

  1. One technique of cleaning the carpet is equally good as another. This isn’t true either. When cleaning your carpet, you may choose one from the two carpet cleaning methods: hot water extraction or dry carpet cleaning. Many households believe that dry cleaning is somewhat similar to clothes dry cleaning. But it is not. Here are three effective dry carpet techniques being used today:
  • dry-foam technique
  • dry-chemical technique
  • dry-compound technique


The best way to clean a carpet is by using a hot water unit properly mounted in the truck. Thoroughly it washes clean and gets rid of all dirt. Although many households have the concept that hot water is dangerous to the carpets, there’s no basis for this. In fact, using hot water cleans deeply and thoroughly the carpet.

  1. Using good equipment is everything a company provides to properly clean the carpet. Not true! Lots of companies have their own hot-water cleaners yet none of their employees may know how to operate it. The company may have bought advanced machine but still the old vacuum cleaner is preferred to use. It’s advisable to have a skilled cleaning technician to efficiently use the new equipment.
  2. Cleaning company that gives cheapest price is the one to hire. It can be true but not all the time. There are two vital things to learn from this:
  • First thing: The carpet cleaning price provided may not cover all the cleaning services you want.

Prior to picking a company, know precisely what you want to get. If you purposely hire a cleaner to get rid only of some soil, you can hire one that uses shampoos or similar cleaning techniques. Conversely, if you want your floor covering be deeply cleaned, you may want to consider a company that cleans with hot water. It assures that carpeting stays dirt-free, no dangerous chemicals and no disease-causing germs.

  • Second thing: The price in the advertisement may not be the right price to pay.

Some homeowners learn that inexpensive price is not the actual price charged. Many households have been victims of confusing and untrue ads. Many cleaners pressure their customers pushing them to pay more, once job gets started. Many of them even use the bait-and-switch scheme.

The reliable carpet cleaning providers are the ones who are legitimately certified. They cannot purchase their own proof of certification. Professional cleaners certified by IICRC have obtained a degree in this industry.

IICRC gives credentials to carpet cleaning contractors it certifies. For that reason, before selecting an expert cleaner, ask first the evidence of the company’s true certification.

After knowing these common misunderstandings on costly carpet cleaning, don’t allow to be the next prey!

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All about Keeping a Clean Workplace?

One of the best things to consider when operating an office is how to clean it every day.  The cleanliness of the whole area will add to the efficiency of the workplace.

Due to the disturbance for the operation and the working employees, additional time will be used in completing the job.  Full bins, disorganized desks, dirty flooring are really big disturbances.

Ways to Clean Office Files

Bulk document files always hinder the good arrangement of the office. One technique to organize those files is by digitizing documents or archiving them.  If you would file them in your network office, then traditional paper filing is no longer needed.  When attempting to expand them by the volume of paper you have, it can affect the cleanliness of your space.

Another way of cleaning the office is by spending time to really clean up the office. By having a timetable in weekly cleaning, you can attain the thorough orderliness you need.

Dirty and Clean Office

The benefits of an organized, well-cleaned office are without end.  A professionally clean workplace generates productivity and increases profits.  But when employees come in dull office, immediately it gives the sense of unproductiveness.

A messy office is not conducive to do business after all.   Messed up space is not healthy for everyone in the office.   Keeping it clean decreases the risk of flu, allergy, and other sicknesses, because space is without contamination and dust.  That’s the reason why it’s important to make the place always clean and pleasing.

It is confirmed that a cluttered desk brings in unwanted stress, adding more pressure to the normal workloads. It takes much work in training staff members to be clean and tidy. Cleaning services understand all the advantages that come with being organized and clean.

Resources and time are maximized if working people are organized, clean, and not stressful.  Devote the right time to make sure the office is a pleasant environment.  Be ready to work in the most proper way.

Office cleaning companies offer modern range of cleaning services that fit every need of the company.  Not only do they offer cleaning for the office, they also give services to restaurants, stores, homes, schools, and others.

Hiring a Commercial Cleaner

For the easiest and fastest way, the best tip to use is hiring a commercial carpet cleaning Brisbane company to do the complicated job.  The good benefit is that you can concentrate on adding more clients and income to your company while maintaining the good form and hygiene of your office.

You can always have a more efficient office environment to work.  When hiring a office cleaning Brisbane company, be sure they give you references of their past clients.  It won’t harm you if you get feedback from those clients ensuring the quality of work. It’s important to know the domestic carpet cleaning services are different to commercial / office cleaners – in particular the equipment they have.

Often, cleaning services companies are ready to sign non-disclosure contract because they do they work inside the client’s office and find access to confidential matters not known to the public.

These few tips on proper office cleaning are offered to help in keeping the office elegant and orderly.  A clean office attracts new customers to provide additional sales profits.  Taking time to follow the guidelines will boost the effectiveness of your business operations.

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Mattress Cleaning Who ever Does it

So we all go to bed at nigh and share a bed with millions of bugs of some description. You name it we all have it.

But did you know how easy it really is to clean your mattress.

It is super easy and not htat hard to do at all.

Below is a video on how to do mattress cleaning on the cheap.

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Stain Removal: Benefits of Using Solutions and Stain Repellent

white vinegarWhen accidents and spills hurt your carpet, it is smart to do something quickly before stain gets dried on your carpet.  Early cleaning is the best way to fully treat the possible stain.  Basic knowledge about carpet cleaning and the tools and solutions to use can save your exquisite carpets.

What to Use for Your Carpet?

1. Home-made Solutions

Fresh carpet stains are not difficult to remove.  On the other hand, set in stains are very difficult to clear and should be treated using some solutions.  As there are various types of stains so are there different stain removal solutions. Home-made solutions can be used in dealing with carpet stains.  Water-based stains differ from oil-based stains and the treatment is not the same.

Prior to treating the carpet, know what kind of stain it is.  You can get a solvent similar to the stain to remove it properly. You can make cleaning solutions made of dishwashing agent, vinegar, solvent (non-acetone that is similar to nail polish remover) or ammonia.  These can help you form an effective cleaning solution and you can have them on hand to clean immediately the stains.

2. Store-Purchased Solutions

Cleaners for carpet stain are effective in getting rid of stubborn stain, especially those that have set in for a period of time. If you want cleaners from stores, look for products that have the seal of approval.  Carpet cleaning products that bear the seal of approval are tested products.  They guarantee for effective and safe carpet cleaning.  Approval should come from the Carpet & Rug Institute.

High products for carpet cleaning have detergents capable of removing and loosening seated stains and dirt.  They have also chemical contents of surfactant acting as electromagnets.  Dirt is attracted to one end, and water is attracted to the other end.  As a result, it grabs the dirt while getting pulled going to the dampened cleaning cloth.  Products to use should neutralize the carpet’s unpleasant smell instead of covering it with perfume.  Odour neutralizers have oxygen and molecule contents.

Other cleaning products have chemicals like fluorine.  It acts as stain and dirt repellent to avoid re-soiling the carpet once it is cleaned. Stains and dirt cannot stay in the fibres and are then quick to remove using vacuum.  Dirt also becomes easy to remove with a damp towel.

3. Stain Repellent

From carpet cleaning perspective, using stain repellent can be useful when applied properly, under the right condition and appropriate carpet fabrics.  If you are able to apply it correctly, this won’t result to any disadvantages.  But, repellents are not shields with stain-proof feature.  Correct cleaning approach with applicable cleaning materials should be used when there are spots and stains on the carpet.  There is hope that stain repellent can keep stains from turning permanent marks and can be useful in removing soil.

Stain repellents must not be bulked along with soil retardants.  Neither should repellents be thought of as a replacement for care and cleaning.  When cleaning, there are better chances of getting rid of stain from fabrics that are coated with repellent than those which are not.  Because of this, the application of repellent on rugs, carpets, upholstery, and fabrics are safer and more beneficial.

Stain removal can be easy to accomplish as long as you know how to do it.  Cleaning solutions, whether home-made or store-purchased, are important to completely get rid of stains and the residues.  Then after cleaning your carpet, re-condition it using a stain repellent.


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Things To Know About Dust Mites And Mattress Cleaning

mattress needing a cleanHow people enjoy staying on the bed and sleep without realizing they are not sleeping alone!  Sadly, many homeowners don’t take seriously the proper cleaning of mattress.  Most have neglected the frequency of washing that must be done for the mattress.  There are homes where mattress is used for more than six months up to one year.  People don’t realize the need of changing or cleaning it.  This condition gives strong invitation for dust mites to attack the beddings.

Even clean mattress must be washed because no one sees the dust mites hiding on it.   Unfortunately, people wait until it becomes soiled before washing it.  The truth is you don’t only change the mattress just because it looks dirty.


This is the fact: mattress where people spend time to rest and sleep on is a swarming place for creeping creatures.  These countless creatures belong to the family of spiders.  They are unseen and can breed easily under the comfort of your mattress.  Hard to accept but these unwanted visitors remain active while you are sleeping.  They multiply quickly and feast in their comfy home. Based on studies, the amount of moisture which people breathe out during evening goes directly to the mattress.  And this dampness condition can help more dust mites to multiply further.

If your mattress is six months old or more, this signifies you have been entertaining roughly two million of tiny dust mites.  These skin-biting mites live on people’s dead skin cell.  Besides the unhygienic issue, dust mites are the cause of some recurring diseases.  It includes allergic reaction, asthma, and difficulty of breathing.  In addition to these mites, a host of germs is invited by them causing more serious health problems to the members of the family.

All mattresses become dirty over a certain period and sometimes become smelly and thick.  It happens when they are not washed for months. Cleaning can be accomplished in some effective ways.  With some solutions from the kitchen, do-it-yourself products and cleaning solutions can be applied.

These are serious harms brought about by dust mites.  Therefore, it is alarming that mattress cleaning should be scheduled as soon as possible.  Don’t wait until they result an outbreak of illness inside the home.

Solutions to Take

Thinking about the right solution, there is nothing more effective than removing those dust mites.  It can be obtained by applying the right cleaning procedure.  Mattress washing is more than just cleaning it.  It requires washing at high temperature to completely get rid of all dust mites, with their eggs and young.  Doing it yourself is very hard because the cloth is thick, heavy, and complicated to wash.    A special kind of washing plus the kind of solution are important things to think about.

Cleaning services from companies have been offering the use of specialized equipment.  Special cleaning is obtained with the use of modern machine.  It includes the latest model of vacuum cleaner, with automatic suction and functional filter system. To sanitize mattress, source like ultra-violet light will eradicate germs and mites that can’t be removed by regular vacuuming.

There are many cleaning companies that come with broad experience in washing mattress.  Trained staff workers have all the know-how and current techniques to use.  They make sure the whole thing is completely refreshed and renewed.

For extra security and reliability, contacting a specialist mattress cleaning company is the best option.   Allow them to keep your beddings fresh, clean, and hygienic.

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Six Tips on Removing and Cleaning Carpet Stains

cleaning chewing gumThere are different kinds of stains that can destroy your carpet.  But there are practical and easy tips about cleaning carpet stains.  It is essential to first know the kind of carpet and the kind of stain you are going to clean. This aspect is helpful to ensure you’re really cleaning your floor covering and not harming it further.  Complicated carpets like wool will react unfavourably compared to the standard and heavy-duty carpets.

Here are the tips on how to remove stains from the carpet:

  1. Use vacuum cleaner or paper towel in cleaning up the dirt.  And in case of liquid spills, blot it from the carpet with clean towel.  It helps to prevent further spreading of possible stain. Besides, it makes it easier to clean the carpet.  If there is already stain, avoid scrubbing it.  Doing so will only result to a bigger one and cleaning becomes more difficult.
  2. Stains from grease spills.  If something oily spills on your carpet, applying baking soda or corn meal is the right treatment to give.  Apply it to the areas that are stained and let it sit for few minutes.  In drying the carpet, it is recommended that you dry it overnight.  Then the following day, use a vacuum cleaner to finally clean it.
  3. Stains from food. Wine, coffee, juice are among the hardest stains to clean.  Use clean cloth and soak it with sufficient liquid.  Use new sponge with ammonia and water.  Blot the stained area.  Place some additional towels allowing it to be on top of the stain for an hour or two.  After that, start vacuuming it expecting that the stain will get eliminated.
  4. Is your carpet stained with wax?  Remember that any type of stain is really difficult to remove.  If wax is still fresh, wait until it has turned cool or dried up.  After that, you dampen it with wash cloth and position it on top of the stain.  Hot iron this cloth allowing it to continue to sit over the wax stain.  Little by little the wax will get melted and the cloth will absorb the stain.  You must avoid burns so perform it very cautiously.
  5. Removing general stains.  Many stains like grapes, tomato, coffee and others can be successfully removed if you apply a bar soap.  Get a used toothbrush and put a small amount of soap and begin scrubbing the stain.  But prior to doing it, you must have tested the soap on the carpet first.  There are times certain bar soaps may not be able to remove the stain.
  6. Gum removal.  Sticky gum is a hard stain to get rid of from a carpet.  Pulling it will only destroy the fine threads of the carpet.  Lots of gurus recommend peanut butter to be used in removing the gum.  However, in many cases, it only leaves gum colour on your carpet.  Some people suggest the use lighter fluid or WD-40.  If the gum is close to the carpet’s surface area, then cutting it with scissors is another excellent way to deal with the problem.

Generally, there are different tips on cleaning carpet stains.  There are stores with cleansing solutions as well as cleaning kits.  These things help consumers resolve their carpet problems.  The key is to do something immediately to the stain.  Eliminate whatever the stain is as soon as possible.

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