Expensive carpet cleaning most households misconceive

Good carpeting is one of the big household investments. Taking care of carpets requires not just the common vacuuming but also the right cleaning chemicals and procedures. And to know more about proper carpet care, we have enumerated some of the common misunderstandings associated with this area.

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  1. You must wait long before carpet needs cleaning. This is not the way it should be. Dirt is rough and it accumulates quickly. Each time you’re on the carpet, you leave soil on the fine fibers. Eventually, it makes the carpet wear out just immediately. A dirty carpet doesn’t last long and while vacuuming is helpful, it isn’t enough to clean it. If you wait longer before washing it, the greater the damage you allow to your expensive floor covering.
  2. The only reason why carpet should be cleaned is to remove dirt. Again, it’s not true. As households must know it, external air carries fungus, pollens, pollution, germs and tons of other harmful elements. When members of the family get inside the house, they carry with them these elements through their clothes, bag, skin, hair and shoes. Without any surprise, all filthy substances will reach your carpet without even noticing them.

If you’re very sensitive to mold, cigarette smoke, pet odor and bacteria, it’s helpful considering a reputable company to remove all these elements from your carpet.

  1. One technique of cleaning the carpet is equally good as another. This isn’t true either. When cleaning your carpet, you may choose one from the two carpet cleaning methods: hot water extraction or dry carpet cleaning. Many households believe that dry cleaning is somewhat similar to clothes dry cleaning. But it is not. Here are three effective dry carpet techniques being used today:
  • dry-foam technique
  • dry-chemical technique
  • dry-compound technique


The best way to clean a carpet is by using a hot water unit properly mounted in the truck. Thoroughly it washes clean and gets rid of all dirt. Although many households have the concept that hot water is dangerous to the carpets, there’s no basis for this. In fact, using hot water cleans deeply and thoroughly the carpet.

  1. Using good equipment is everything a company provides to properly clean the carpet. Not true! Lots of companies have their own hot-water cleaners yet none of their employees may know how to operate it. The company may have bought advanced machine but still the old vacuum cleaner is preferred to use. It’s advisable to have a skilled cleaning technician to efficiently use the new equipment.
  2. Cleaning company that gives cheapest price is the one to hire. It can be true but not all the time. There are two vital things to learn from this:
  • First thing: The carpet cleaning price provided may not cover all the cleaning services you want.

Prior to picking a company, know precisely what you want to get. If you purposely hire a cleaner to get rid only of some soil, you can hire one that uses shampoos or similar cleaning techniques. Conversely, if you want your floor covering be deeply cleaned, you may want to consider a company that cleans with hot water. It assures that carpeting stays dirt-free, no dangerous chemicals and no disease-causing germs.

  • Second thing: The price in the advertisement may not be the right price to pay.

Some homeowners learn that inexpensive price is not the actual price charged. Many households have been victims of confusing and untrue ads. Many cleaners pressure their customers pushing them to pay more, once job gets started. Many of them even use the bait-and-switch scheme.

The reliable carpet cleaning providers are the ones who are legitimately certified. They cannot purchase their own proof of certification. Professional cleaners certified by IICRC have obtained a degree in this industry.

IICRC gives credentials to carpet cleaning contractors it certifies. For that reason, before selecting an expert cleaner, ask first the evidence of the company’s true certification.

After knowing these common misunderstandings on costly carpet cleaning, don’t allow to be the next prey!

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