Six Tips on Removing and Cleaning Carpet Stains

cleaning chewing gumThere are different kinds of stains that can destroy your carpet.  But there are practical and easy tips about cleaning carpet stains.  It is essential to first know the kind of carpet and the kind of stain you are going to clean. This aspect is helpful to ensure you’re really cleaning your floor covering and not harming it further.  Complicated carpets like wool will react unfavourably compared to the standard and heavy-duty carpets.

Here are the tips on how to remove stains from the carpet:

  1. Use vacuum cleaner or paper towel in cleaning up the dirt.  And in case of liquid spills, blot it from the carpet with clean towel.  It helps to prevent further spreading of possible stain. Besides, it makes it easier to clean the carpet.  If there is already stain, avoid scrubbing it.  Doing so will only result to a bigger one and cleaning becomes more difficult.
  2. Stains from grease spills.  If something oily spills on your carpet, applying baking soda or corn meal is the right treatment to give.  Apply it to the areas that are stained and let it sit for few minutes.  In drying the carpet, it is recommended that you dry it overnight.  Then the following day, use a vacuum cleaner to finally clean it.
  3. Stains from food. Wine, coffee, juice are among the hardest stains to clean.  Use clean cloth and soak it with sufficient liquid.  Use new sponge with ammonia and water.  Blot the stained area.  Place some additional towels allowing it to be on top of the stain for an hour or two.  After that, start vacuuming it expecting that the stain will get eliminated.
  4. Is your carpet stained with wax?  Remember that any type of stain is really difficult to remove.  If wax is still fresh, wait until it has turned cool or dried up.  After that, you dampen it with wash cloth and position it on top of the stain.  Hot iron this cloth allowing it to continue to sit over the wax stain.  Little by little the wax will get melted and the cloth will absorb the stain.  You must avoid burns so perform it very cautiously.
  5. Removing general stains.  Many stains like grapes, tomato, coffee and others can be successfully removed if you apply a bar soap.  Get a used toothbrush and put a small amount of soap and begin scrubbing the stain.  But prior to doing it, you must have tested the soap on the carpet first.  There are times certain bar soaps may not be able to remove the stain.
  6. Gum removal.  Sticky gum is a hard stain to get rid of from a carpet.  Pulling it will only destroy the fine threads of the carpet.  Lots of gurus recommend peanut butter to be used in removing the gum.  However, in many cases, it only leaves gum colour on your carpet.  Some people suggest the use lighter fluid or WD-40.  If the gum is close to the carpet’s surface area, then cutting it with scissors is another excellent way to deal with the problem.

Generally, there are different tips on cleaning carpet stains.  There are stores with cleansing solutions as well as cleaning kits.  These things help consumers resolve their carpet problems.  The key is to do something immediately to the stain.  Eliminate whatever the stain is as soon as possible.

12. March 2013 by Abella Thompson
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  1. I wish I would have had these tips about twenty years ago because this would have helped a great deal when my son decided to color on the floor with markers and they were red. Now granted he had paper and didn’t realize that it would bleed through. We had to have the carpet patched professionally so that you couldn’t see it anymore.

  2. This is so helpful because I have animals and they sometimes have accidents that might leave a stain knowing how to get rid of that stain is huge thing for me because I don’t want it to show but I don’t want it to smell either. This is a great blog post and you have done a great job putting it together keep the info coming I can use it.

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