Stain Removal: Benefits of Using Solutions and Stain Repellent

white vinegarWhen accidents and spills hurt your carpet, it is smart to do something quickly before stain gets dried on your carpet.  Early cleaning is the best way to fully treat the possible stain.  Basic knowledge about carpet cleaning and the tools and solutions to use can save your exquisite carpets.

What to Use for Your Carpet?

1. Home-made Solutions

Fresh carpet stains are not difficult to remove.  On the other hand, set in stains are very difficult to clear and should be treated using some solutions.  As there are various types of stains so are there different stain removal solutions. Home-made solutions can be used in dealing with carpet stains.  Water-based stains differ from oil-based stains and the treatment is not the same.

Prior to treating the carpet, know what kind of stain it is.  You can get a solvent similar to the stain to remove it properly. You can make cleaning solutions made of dishwashing agent, vinegar, solvent (non-acetone that is similar to nail polish remover) or ammonia.  These can help you form an effective cleaning solution and you can have them on hand to clean immediately the stains.

2. Store-Purchased Solutions

Cleaners for carpet stain are effective in getting rid of stubborn stain, especially those that have set in for a period of time. If you want cleaners from stores, look for products that have the seal of approval.  Carpet cleaning products that bear the seal of approval are tested products.  They guarantee for effective and safe carpet cleaning.  Approval should come from the Carpet & Rug Institute.

High products for carpet cleaning have detergents capable of removing and loosening seated stains and dirt.  They have also chemical contents of surfactant acting as electromagnets.  Dirt is attracted to one end, and water is attracted to the other end.  As a result, it grabs the dirt while getting pulled going to the dampened cleaning cloth.  Products to use should neutralize the carpet’s unpleasant smell instead of covering it with perfume.  Odour neutralizers have oxygen and molecule contents.

Other cleaning products have chemicals like fluorine.  It acts as stain and dirt repellent to avoid re-soiling the carpet once it is cleaned. Stains and dirt cannot stay in the fibres and are then quick to remove using vacuum.  Dirt also becomes easy to remove with a damp towel.

3. Stain Repellent

From carpet cleaning perspective, using stain repellent can be useful when applied properly, under the right condition and appropriate carpet fabrics.  If you are able to apply it correctly, this won’t result to any disadvantages.  But, repellents are not shields with stain-proof feature.  Correct cleaning approach with applicable cleaning materials should be used when there are spots and stains on the carpet.  There is hope that stain repellent can keep stains from turning permanent marks and can be useful in removing soil.

Stain repellents must not be bulked along with soil retardants.  Neither should repellents be thought of as a replacement for care and cleaning.  When cleaning, there are better chances of getting rid of stain from fabrics that are coated with repellent than those which are not.  Because of this, the application of repellent on rugs, carpets, upholstery, and fabrics are safer and more beneficial.

Stain removal can be easy to accomplish as long as you know how to do it.  Cleaning solutions, whether home-made or store-purchased, are important to completely get rid of stains and the residues.  Then after cleaning your carpet, re-condition it using a stain repellent.


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