Household Items – Best Recommended Dust Cleaning Techniques

Certainly, using a feather duster can be a fancy tool for dust cleaning. But when it comes to cleaning thick and tough dust, don’t sweep the dust away. It will only spread particles everywhere and it doesn’t help cleaning up the house anymore.

Optionally, capture dirt and dust using soft cloth moistened with water, electrostatic dusters or micro-fiber dusters. When cleaning the ceiling and flooring, do it from top going down. The best cleaning tool to use is a special vacuum with different attachments. And for spots that are difficult to reach, you must use a tool that can reach the best target.



Television, computer, printers are known to be dust magnets. It’s important to unplug the equipment prior to cleaning these electronic items. A careful swipe with micro-fiber cloth is good enough to do the job, while a long handle with soft brush can gather accumulated dust from the crevices. Make sure to vacuum clean the dust that surrounds the vents and cords, as well as the pet furs that can potentially clog outlets and equipment.


To remove trapped dust in small carvings and nooks, get a make-up brush or natural-bristle paint and wipe thoroughly using a micro-fiber cloth.

Soft toys

Place your teddy bears, fabric dolls, or beanbag critters, inside a big plastic bag mixed with one cup of baking soda. Seal the top and shake it well. Baking soda is going to remove the tough dirt and thick dust. Take out the products one by one and remove the mass from baking soda. Finish the cleaning process by using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment.

Back of refrigerator or stove

Over time, grease, crumbs and thick dust accumulate in stove and refrigerator, giving food supply to pests and insects. Move out the appliances and unplug them from the wall. Use a moist mop sponge with a long handle to remove dust behind your appliance. Afterwards, wipe the wall and the floor with soapy, hot water.


Take off tough dust from the top ceiling, flooring and appliance vents using an electrostatic mop or mild brush vacuum attachment. Moisten a piece of micro-fiber cloth then wipe off the surface. Rinse well the removable air conditioning filter using hot water with soap and then finally air dry prior to installing.

Ceiling fan

First, turn off the power and use a stool to step on. Place a newspaper just below the ceiling fan. Use wet paper towels in wiping off fatty dust and dirt from the casing. Use also a mild- bristle brush with gentle cleanser to release blade dust. Rinse properly with wet paper towel.

Always remember that the remedy to the frequent household issues is to target the cause of the problem. However, it’s impossible to put end to the sources of dust accumulations. Although it may appear that struggles sometimes don’t end, you can effectively save more time and effort using the above dust-busting techniques.

11. May 2015 by Abella Thompson
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